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November 24, 2010

Business Copywriting “The Offer”, Part 2 of 5: Your Price Strategy

When working on your marketing and copywriting strategy, one of the main factors is the price of your product, and how that price is perceived by your customers.

November 18, 2010

Business Copywriting: “The Offer”; Part 1 of 5: The Product or Service Explained

I’m constantly amazed how many times I see a postcard, ad or brochure that fails to communicate. There are a few key points to take in consideration when you are writing copy for any piece of marketing. You might not necessarily use them all in every piece, but you need to be reviewing them to be sure that your NOT leaving something out! I’ll be doing a series of 5 articles about these key elements: 1- The Product or Service, 2- The Price, 3- Payment Terms, 4- Incentives and 5- Guarantees.

November 8, 2010

9 Ways to Integrate Direct Marketing, Social Media and Dinosaurs

Marketing today has the advantage…and disadvantage of having so very many channels to distribute your message with. You still have the old standbys of TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, cold calls, telemarketing and more (PUSH or Interruption marketing), but you also have added to the mix the new online channels: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and numerous others (PULL marketing). The trick is figuring out the best way to communicate with your prospects.

November 3, 2010

Automated (Bulk) Mail Postage Rates Explained

You can receive significant discounts if mail is properly addessed, sorted and bar-coded and then delivered to a Post Office BMC (Bulk Mail Center). Often, the biggest cost of a direct mail campaign can be the postage itself! Knowing the difference between rates can help you budget and choose the type of mailing you send.