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October 16, 2013

Social Media Is the #1 Online Activity…For Marketing?

Social Media Logos

There is no doubt now that social media plays an integral role in shaping consumer behavior…AND now it impacts your online marketing and SEO! What are you doing to support your clients socially? I visited High Five Frozen Yogurt yesterday,

October 11, 2013

Brochures, Flyers & Rack Cards…Oh My…6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Marketing Collateral!

Marketing collateral: brochures, business cards, flyers, rack cards and so forth, play an important part of your marketing strategy. However, the proper use of them has changed somewhat, here are 6 tips to help you get the most out of

October 8, 2013

Marketing With A Plan: 6 Steps to Getting Started

I recently met with a frustrated business manager, he was trying to run a business with an owner who had bought the business with his retirement money, but knew nothing about it. They had never sat down and done a