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Tag: Design

Logo Creation: Designing the Face of your Brand

A Logo is considered to be the face of a brand. It sets that first impression. It makes an instant connection. And it’s easy to recognize. Good logos don’t happen magically or by accident, it’s a deliberate and careful process.

Social media marketing facts according to

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Online Printing and Design Just Got Easier!

CLICK ON THE ABOVE AD TO SEE FOR YOURSELF! PIP has taken online ordering a step further! We now give you the ability to jump start your businesses marketing by providing pre-designed and copywritten brochures, flyers, door hangers, business cards

Top 10 Direct Mail Do’s and Dont’s

The mast important part of a successful direct mail campaign is the target list. Your message has to get to the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME to get acted on. Successful direct mail is a lot more than the

Business Copywriting: The Offer; Part 5 of 5: Guarantees

The final part of copy-writing a good offer is a reassuring guarantee or warranty. We all worry about buying something and it breaks… if one product has a good warranty and another has a poor one, we will generally go with the longer warranty.

Business Copywriting: “The Offer”; Part 1 of 5: The Product or Service Explained

I’m constantly amazed how many times I see a postcard, ad or brochure that fails to communicate. There are a few key points to take in consideration when you are writing copy for any piece of marketing. You might not necessarily use them all in every piece, but you need to be reviewing them to be sure that your NOT leaving something out! I’ll be doing a series of 5 articles about these key elements: 1- The Product or Service, 2- The Price, 3- Payment Terms, 4- Incentives and 5- Guarantees.

9 Ways to Integrate Direct Marketing, Social Media and Dinosaurs

Marketing today has the advantage…and disadvantage of having so very many channels to distribute your message with. You still have the old standbys of TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, cold calls, telemarketing and more (PUSH or Interruption marketing), but you also have added to the mix the new online channels: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and numerous others (PULL marketing). The trick is figuring out the best way to communicate with your prospects.

So You Think Direct Mail Is Dead?

…specifically targeted and messaged direct mail can be VERY effective to accomplishing your sales goals, as the following case study illustrates…

The 5 Main Elements of a Marketing Offer

…Or in other words: “What To Say To Get Them To Buy!” People buy when they are comfortable with an offer and are sure that they need or are going to benefit from the purchase (side note: they don’t really