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Tag: Integrated Marketing

A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Marketing

A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Marketing   Your success as a real estate agent is directly linked to your ability to market yourself effectively—PIP is here to help you accomplish this every step of the way.   GETTING STARTED…

Enter Google’s Panda, The New SEO Sherriff In Town

In it’s ongoing effort to improve search results, and thus keep its customers happy, Google is constantly looking for ways to deliver the best quality websites to their customers. Enter Google’s new search algorithm, Panda. The Effects of the Panda.

What is social bookmarking?

DMA Certified Marketing Professional

I have recently completed the DMA Certified Marketing Professional Program, 17 online marketing courses to help me help my customers better!

9 Ways to Integrate Direct Marketing, Social Media and Dinosaurs

Marketing today has the advantage…and disadvantage of having so very many channels to distribute your message with. You still have the old standbys of TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, cold calls, telemarketing and more (PUSH or Interruption marketing), but you also have added to the mix the new online channels: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and numerous others (PULL marketing). The trick is figuring out the best way to communicate with your prospects.

Integrated Marketing Plan

The key today is being aware of where the conversations about your business are taking place. Your marketing plan won’t look like mine and it may have more or less channels and processes in it. The key is to have a plan and be aware of how to make the elements work best together!

“Why Didn’t That Work?” and the Direct Marketing Process

Thomas Edison said “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning. Instead of randomly trying different things looking for a big success. Follow the Direct Marketing Process – and then start it again. It’s simply a series of steps to follow and repeat that will give you results.

The New Marketing & Sales Funnel

Today the purchase process can start anywhere, and often begins when the consumer recognizes that they have a problem, need or want. Are you where the conversation is happening?