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Part 1 of series: What is social bookmarking

  Jack is scouring the Internet for a job since he lost his full-time position due to his company decreasing labor costs and laying off a bulk of its employees. When Jack is not searching and applying to open positions,

Twitter poll: Have you used Every Door Direct Mail

Part 2 of series: Find your marketing influencer

Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about the infamous “f-factor,” a brilliant term originated by “That’s ‘F’ for friends, fans and followers who influence a consumer’s buying decision. The F-factor is a stage toward the end of

Social media marketing facts according to

bettany hughes pokies

It is better to outsource social media

Fifty-two percent of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration in social marketing, and 83 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. These two statistics tell me that marketers know

What is social bookmarking?

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