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Tag: SEO

Local Search Results…Are You Showing Up?

SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Local Search Results…to many small business owners, these are obscure terms that represent an unknown nightmare to tackle when you have your hands full just running the day to day operations of your business.

Content Marketing, New Ways to Connect To Customers

If you have liked a serious businesses Facebook page you will notice that they are working to get your attention and win more of your business! This is part of what we call Content Marketing. Smart businesses will post sales,

Should I Update My Website? The Top 3 Reasons You Should!

I’m helping a current customer update their website, the topic came up when we were discussing his marketing plan and he mentioned the amount of time it took to get changes made to his current website. I immediately suggested we

Enter Google’s Panda, The New SEO Sherriff In Town

In it’s ongoing effort to improve search results, and thus keep its customers happy, Google is constantly looking for ways to deliver the best quality websites to their customers. Enter Google’s new search algorithm, Panda. The Effects of the Panda.

How do I generate more revenue for my local small business?

This week my father asked me how he could generate more revenue for his local business. He has owned two dry cleaners in south Florida for more than 23 years, and he has plenty of loyal customers, which is great,

Part 5 of SEO series: Creative blog content ideas

You know that keywords, links and excellent blog content, which is funny, educational and visually appealing, is vital to your company’s marketing success but actually creating that content may be difficult. What should you write about? Where should you look

Part 4 of SEO series: Promote your website effectively

If you have been reading my search engine optimization (SEO) series then by now you know about the importance of keywords, blogging and utilizing your influencers and resources. Today, I am going to talk about effectively promoting your website content

Part 3 of series: SEO broken down

In Oct. 17’s blog post – the first of my series on effective SEO – I defined SEO “as great content, which is made up of: words, titles, links, words in links and reputation. This stuff comes into play when

Content marketing trumps traditional marketing

  Content marketing is what I like to call nonchalant advertising because your content is so good that people do not even realize your marketing. A better definition of content marketing is: creating free, quality content that engages your company’s

Registering Your Website With The Search Engines

I just attended a Google Marketing and Adwords Seminar to catch-up on what the current trends and best practices are for online marketing. The search engines, and especially Google’s, continue to get smarter about how they classify your website. For