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Tag: Website Design

Should I Update My Website? The Top 3 Reasons You Should!

I’m helping a current customer update their website, the topic came up when we were discussing his marketing plan and he mentioned the amount of time it took to get changes made to his current website. I immediately suggested we

Enter Google’s Panda, The New SEO Sherriff In Town

In it’s ongoing effort to improve search results, and thus keep its customers happy, Google is constantly looking for ways to deliver the best quality websites to their customers. Enter Google’s new search algorithm, Panda. The Effects of the Panda.

9 Steps To Implementing A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media is like any other marketing channel, you have to have goals, objectives and ways to measure and identify if it is succeeding or not. Social media and and probably should be part of your efforts, but not necessarily ALL Social Media channels.

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“…we are doing things now like Web Design, SEO and creating landing pages that work with a direct mail piece to increase conversion. Using technology like QR codes to work with todays Smart Phones. E-mail blasts to supplement print with newsletters and surveys.