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9 Reasons to Reconsider Direct Mail vs. E-mail

E-mail has become like any other marketing channel, oversaturated and consumers are weary of the onslaught, while Direct Mail is enjoying more success! In 2012 total worldwide email traffic reached 144.8 Billion and almost 69% of those messages were spam. Emails pile up and there is a good likelihood the recipient will simply delete email without opening it. According to Hubspot, the overall open rates for email were only 25.6%. Which brings us to our point, here are…

9 reasons to take another look at Direct Mail!

Direct Mail Target

64% of Consumers say they value the mail they receive in their mailbox!

1.  85% of Direct Mail is at least skimmed over before being discarded.

2.  Direct Mail has become LESS cluttered, many companies have cut their direct mail spending in favor of online sources, making it more likely for your target to look at and consider your Direct Mail offer!

3.  73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements. 2

4.  45% Find Direct Mail less intrusive than e-mail.

5.  30% found mail less high pressure…letting them consider their decision. 2

6. E-mail can be designated as SPAM and blocked from the inbox. A Direct Mail piece ALWAYS gets into the mailbox!

7. Prospects may tend to be skeptical of email, but find direct mail to be more familiar and trustworthy.

8. Today you can reduce the amount of mail you send by profiling your customer (Demographics) and using address lists that can target age, income, ethnicity, hobbies, lifestyle, business size, number of employees, sales volume and SO MUCH MORE!

9.  When your email and direct mail are paired together, the very best response rates can be achieved, your message and call to action are more likely to be acted on.

No channel is a silver bullet for your marketing, but direct mail, when targeted and executed properly can be a POWERFULL selling tool to help move your customer or prospect to action!

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By Dale Bohman




1 USPS Household Diary Study

2 International Communications Research Study conducted for Pitney Bowes

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