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9 Ways to Utilize QR Codes

You’re starting to see QR Codes popping up all over the place, but may be wondering how you can take advantage of this new trend and way to easily get into the realm of Mobile Marketing.

My Mobile Page QR Code, Go ahead and scan it!Here are 9 ideas that you can take inspiration from:

1. Business Cards: You are handing them out on a daily basis. There are a myriad of ways to use a QR code when you had that card off to a contact. It could simply have your contact information that when it is scanned by a smart phone, adds you as a contact to the individuals phone. It could link to a mobile optimized website (like mine does, see it here). It could link to a short video about your business or showcase your 30 second elevator speech.

2. Brochures & Postcards: The same principles mentioned above apply to your brochure. You could even have multiple QR codes tied to the specific topics or solutions the brochure addresses.

3. Envelopes: Wouldn’t it make your mailing more interesting if the envelope had a teaser with a QR code next to it? Your target might even scan the code before they open the envelope!

4. Trade Shows: Sometimes you have a little video presentation running on a screen in your booth, what if you could link a prospect to it? They can then have that link and view it later when it’s not so noisy and distracting. Put it high on a banner and big enough to be scanned from a distance. You should also have that relevant QR code on your literature you are handing out, they might not scan it now, but they will when they sit down to review the literature they picked up that day.

5. Handbooks and Manuals:I know of a large auto repair facility that put QR codes linked to instruction videos showing how to do certain repairs or procedures in their repair manuals so that the techs can so more than just a picture or written explanation. They had even already made the videos but hadn’t figured out a good way to make them available to their techs! QR codes solved this problem for them.

6. Vehicles:I have a 12” QR code on the side of my delivery van! Someone pulling up beside it at a stop light can scan the code from inside their car! I’ve tested it, it works.

7. Hotel Check-In Tour: I have a Hotel Customer that we are developing a quick 2 minute property tour that showcases the amenities available to guests. Their check-in folder will have a QR code with a note to scan with their smart phone and view a quick tour of the hotel amenities.

8. Newspaper or Magazine Ads: One of the main jobs of print now is to drive traffic to the web. Everyone reading a magazine or newspaper will have their phone sitting right next to them. Use your ad as a teaser to drive them to your website and add the QR code to allow them to do it immediately no matter where they are, in the doctor’s office, at home, wherever.

9. RSVPs: Did you know that we can generate CUSTOM QR codes specific to an individual you are targeting. For an invitation you can send the recipient to a personalized RSVP page that welcomes them by name and allows them to RSVP by simply pressing a single button and submit. Our system records the entry and can notify you by e-mail! You could also use it to allow them to specify meal preferences or capture other information when they RSVP.

You can potentially use a QR code in so many different ways! Any time you want to drive someone to somewhere on the web, you can use a QR code! There are even ways to easily track your QR code use and find out how often it is getting used. The great thing is that using the QR code itself is inexpensive, generate the code, print it on your piece and get going!

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