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I’m Back!  I know, you didn’t even know I was gone… In our effort to understand social media and it’s impact on business, I  ran a blog for a year. I enjoyed it but didn’t understand how it should be interacting with other marketing efforts and it didn’t do a lot, so ultimately I shot it down. However…

Since that time I have continued to research where our business should be to support our customers, and determined that we are becoming much more marketing oriented while still providing the general printing services that we always have. The difference is that we are doing things now like Web Design, SEO and creating landing pages that work with a direct mail piece to increase conversion. Using technology like QR codes to work with today’s Smart Phones. E-mail blasts to supplement print with newsletters and surveys. And Personalized URLs (PURLs) to customize a landing page to your specific respondent! We understand the importance then of combining these efforts with Social Networking goals and helping our customers coordinate all of them!

I can continue to talk about it, but the below illustration demonstrates it much better. It represents what our marketing efforts look like right now and how it all ties together. Does yours? Yours may have additional elements, or maybe it needs more and you realize that you should be doing more! Let us know if we can help you reach your marketing goals!

What our current marketing strategy looks like!

Dale Bohman

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