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Bold Revamp that You’ll Hunger For!

Awesome menu revamp from our great graphics department here at PIP!

I just love how we can take the ideas our customers present to us and wow them with striking results.

Our customer was so happy with their menu design. We took their nautical theme, the menu items they provided and added some pizzazz of our own to make an attractive presentation.

You may be saying to yourself “it’s just a poolside lunch menu, why put much effort into it?”. To show you just how important presentation and design is, let’s take a look at the original concept and the final product side by side.


Coral Reef had a great starting point that needed just a bit more luster to it. By adding a bold nautical theme with intense colors this menu really comes to life! The return on the design investment comes when the lively design catches the pool goers attention. Once in their hands, the appetizing menu is sure to bring in the sales! People are very visual, we are attracted to what we see. If your customers don’t see what you’re offering, they can’t buy it. Come see us at PIP and let us show you how to get your product seen today!

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