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Brochures, Flyers & Rack Cards…Oh My…6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Marketing Collateral!

Marketing collateral: brochures, business cards, flyers, rack cards and so forth, play an important part of your marketing strategy. However, the proper use of them has changed somewhat, here are 6 tips to help you get the most out of your marketing materials!

Print is still an important part of your marketing strategy!

Print is still an important part of your marketing strategy!

1. Make sure your website is prominently displayed on your printed materials. Much of the purpose of printed materials these days is to help push your target to the web, where you can give them more information, start interacting and closing the deal. Most consumers will research a decision online long before they call you, make the process as easy as possible. You should also show any social media links and names to help people find you online.

2. QR Codes (Stands for Quick Response). Those square codes you see on everything, brochures, business cards, even packaging? They are used by smart phones to scan and go straight to a point on the web, a website, a video, a landing page…you can use them on every piece you have, more and more consumers are shopping and researching on their cell phones, be ready for them.

3. Branding, make sure all your materials have a consistent look! Your brochure should have a similar look to your website, your flyers, your business cards, even your vehicle wraps! Your image should be easily recognized from contact point to contact point. It generally takes 7-9 contacts to make a sale, make sure they are all counting towards your sale!

4. Quality, first impressions are key, if you have horrible looking design, customers will associate that with your work, it is worth the investment in getting quality graphics. If your materials are printed out on an inket printer, off center, blurry, etc. the same thing can happen. Remember, you are being compared to your competitors, what do their marketing materials look like?

5. Copy and Information: Most marketing collateral reinforces your produce and sells when you are not there to do the selling yourself. It should talk in terms of solutions or problems it solves, not a list of things you can do and the equipment that you have. People want to know how you will benefit and help them, they really do not care what equipment you use doing it. Would your rather have softer, glowing skin? or a “dermal abrasion” (I think you see what I’m talking about).

6. Distribution: Your marketing collateral doesn’t do you any good sitting in a box. How will you distribute it? Trade shows? Direct Mail? by hand? Knowing how you will be delivering it may affect your design. If your going to only be handing out a postcard, you don’t need to use part of the space for an address. However if you leave off that space, you will not be mailing that card except in an envelope!


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