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Business Copywriting: The Offer; Part 5 of 5: Guarantees

Guarantees help reduce response resistance.

100% No Risk Guarantee

Your guarantee can help customers feel good about buying from you!

The final part of copy-writing a good offer is a reassuring guarantee or warranty. We all worry about buying something and it breaks… if one product has a good warranty and another has a poor one, we will generally go with the longer warranty. It can be a real selling advantage. Sears, who originated the sales catalog, achieved success in getting people to order,without seeing the product with the slogan “Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!”

A Guarantee can actually take several forms, depending on your goals or the objections that you are trying to overcome.

1. Product Warranty: 30, 60, 90 days a year? 2 years?! I bought a Fujitsu laptop, when they weren’t known for laptops because they sold it with a 3-year warranty! I use my laptop constantly, and in that 3 years they replaced the screen and the motherboard. I definitely bought because of that warranty, you just need to be sure of your product that you will not have excessive repair/replacement expenses.

2. Response Guarantees: “We will confirm your request in 24 hours”, “Your order will ship within 24 hours”, “our technician will arrive within 4 hours of your call”. Sometimes, if people are going to do something with you, they want a guaranteed time frame. We use big digital equipment, and much of our buying decision is based on the repair response time of the vendor. If they can’t guarantee same day service, or even better, 4-hour service, we will look at different equipment, even if it costs more.

3. Privacy Guarantees: “Your information will not be shared”, “No sales rep will call”. If you are asking for information, taking a survey, etc. People often won’t participate or share if they think they will then be bombarded with marketing. State clearly the use and guarantee their privacy.

A guarantee of satisfaction should be a part of any direct sales offer. We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction, and these days, to do less is to ask to go out of business. If you DON”T take care of your customer, they will tell people on face-book, twitter, review sites and more! So if you’re going to do it, make it part of your offer to help overcome objections!

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