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Setback Or A Comeback? You Choose!

Freaking out about Facebook’s new algorithm changes? STOP!! This is actually good news for you…. if you’re a good marketer.

Zuckerberg has unrolled his plans to turn Facebook back into baby pictures, family vacays, and classmate reunions. The idea behind the change is great for family and friends connections – not so much for your average marketer.

But you have nothing to worry about because you’re not some average joe marketer – clearly because you read PIP’s highly influential blogs – (insert prideful emoji face).

Where’s our confidence coming from?  Because we know that any ol’ ad with a slogan scrawled across it can be slapped up on social media while the marketing department sits tight with their fingers crossed. But today’s savvy marketers know the real results are in actually caring about their customers and their customers’ interests and feedback.

4 things to do to stay on top of your social media game:

ONE: First, you need a push to gather any indecisive customers to “Like” your page. Mark isn’t allowing his close knit crew of 2.2 billion friends to have their news feeds cluttered with ads and random public posts.

TWO: Next, you need to develop relevant content that incites communication with your audience. Mark’s goal – yeah, we’re totally on a first name basis – is to “encourage meaningful interactions between people”. This is great news because this allows you to dig in deep and get to know your customers, what they actually want to interact with, see, and comment on. Hard work? Yeah, of course. But big ROIs are even better right?

THREE: Videos are still in top viewing status. Think animated, emotion invoking, or just plain fun videos. Be on your customer’s level. If you’re a doctor, realize that your patients are not. See what interests them; not you.

FOUR: Be creative, clever, considerate, and charged. If your content doesn’t excite in some fashion then there’s no enticement for interaction.

There’s tons of ways to stay relevant in the ever changing world of tech. Get on a first name basis with PIP today at 407-847-5565 so we can help create a campaign that Mark himself can’t wait to comment on!

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