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Content Marketing, New Ways to Connect To Customers

If you have liked a serious businesses Facebook page you will notice that they are working to get your attention and win more of your business! This is part of what we call Content Marketing.

Smart businesses will post sales, offers, information about their products on Facebook, but on their blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

Here are 4 reasons why you need to be involved in content marketing:


Understanding Content Marketing is part of a complete marketing plan today!

Understanding Content Marketing is part of a complete marketing plan today!

1- ORGANIC SEARCH (SEO): Search engines now look at how well you interact with customers on your website. They also look at how often you update content and how many pages you have. A blog will go a long way to help your local search results. Google also checks your site for copied content and will penalize you for copying another site or blog! You will also get pluses for your Twitter account, Facebook, etc. if Google can connect them to your website.

2- PROMOTING YOUR NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES: It is easier than ever to do press releases and distribute them online. Write an article for you E-Newsletter, then put the same article on your blog, then post a link on Facebook & Twitter, put pictures of it on Flickr and Pinterest (I think you get the picture…and hopefully your prospect will too!)

3- BECOME A RESOURCE: Share helpful tips and information, even tell customers how to do themselves what you can do for them. Most of your customers don’t WANT to do it themselves, but when they understand the process better they will appreciate you more! And if you become a source of help, your customers will keep coming back to you.

4- GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Times have changed, if you want to be seen as relevant and current with today’s trends, you have to be online and you have to be engaged. If your online presence is cold, your product will be seen as cold, outdated and possible even untrustworthy. Would you go see a doctor if you couldn’t find his website online? Would you take your car to a repair shop that had a good website, customer testimonials and before and after pictures? Online is where you have to go to be seen!

If you would like to learn more, c

all us for a free business marketing evaluation. We will look at your overall marketing picture and give you an evaluation of your website and current marketing practices as well discuss your goals and give you recommendations as to how to achieve them in today’s market.

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