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Direct Mail, Still a Powerfull Tool in the Marketing Arsenal

New Research shows mail is more effective than businesses think!

Sometimes we get so caught up in all the new digital and online marketing options, we forget that some of the traditional methods are still up there in their effectiveness to motivate our customers to action. Direct Mail is one of those channels that you cannot afford to forget about.

The Post Office recently did some studies on the effectiveness of direct mail and learned some remarkable things. According to Joyce Carrier of the USPS “More than 64 percent of consumers told us they “value the mail” they receive in their mailbox, but when asked businesses what they thought, only 36% told us they thought consumers still value their mail”. Many marketers have been caught up in the Social Media movement and have become convinced that mail is no longer relevant.

In a day when our e-mail in boxes have become havens for aggravating spam, people become aggravated at unsolicited messages that they did not ask for, and even become hostile to companies that solicit them through e-mail without their permission. Direct Mail does not have that same stigma. I think everyone likes to go to the mailbox and if it is empty, feel a little disappointment…like the world has forgotten them.

Direct Mail Target

64% of Consumers say they value the mail they receive in their mailbox!

Direct Mail is still the only “interruption” marketing that doesn’t generate hostility, or at least apprehension when it shows up. Someone calls, or knocks on your door…and your defenses go up! Mail is easily reviewed in a couple of minutes and those messages that are not wanted or interesting, simply go in the round file. However, as a marketer, direct mail guarantees you a precious few seconds in front of your target to perk their curiosity and share your message or offer with them, and if you target it right, your message won’t end up in the round file, but on a table and possibly generating a sale.

So don’t forget about some of the old standbys! They can still be powerful tools for communicating with your customers!


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