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Don’t Forget Your Coat!

Our UV coater produces high quality protection for our printed materials.

Our UV coater produces high quality protection for our printed materials.











UV coating is a must for maintaining the quality of your printed products. We can coat anything from business cards, pamphlets, flyers, postcards, even book covers! This special coating helps prevent ink fading and protects against scratches and superficial wear.

Your business cards will be passed from hand to hand, shoved into wallets and pockets, and handled over and over. UV coating will help protect against water and the natural oils on people’s hands. Your information and any graphic elements you use for your cards are your branding. They tell your story and evoke a particular feeling from your customers. When you hand out a card that is bright and vibrant, – not worn, faded, scratched and bent up – your potential customer gets the initial feeling that you and your company are neat, clean and professional.

The same goes for your mail pieces. Mailed postcards, pamphlets etc. are extensively handled and jostled around. You want to offer the best presentation of your branding possible. Let’s say you have been searching for a marketing firm to take your company to the next level. You reach in your mailbox and pull out two flyers from two very reputable firms but one is scratched up from the shipping process. The ink has run due to the rain storm earlier that day and the last two digits in the phone number have been smudged by a finger print. The other flyer has been treated with UV coating. It has resisted the moisture from the rain, the ink colors are solid, bright and bold and all information is clearly visible. You will chose the company who’s flyer has been coated because of it’s superior quality and because you get a sense of professionalism and higher standards.

Now, let’s say you are a small lawn care company who wants to obtain more clientele. You decide to place door hangers at the residences surrounding your current landscaping job. These door hangers will be outdoors. They will be subjected to the elements as well as the hands of those hanging them. You want your prospective customers to pick up a crisp, clean, well read presentation of your business free from soiled fingerprints.

UV coating helps to protect your investment and gives it that extra oomph to stand out from your competitors. Have an idea for marketing material you would like to UV coat? Call us today and let us help you realize your visions for your next campaign.


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