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Benefiting From Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail Sign

Your Direct Mail just got a brand new budget option!

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, can take your postage on a piece of mail down from $0.27 per piece to $0.15 per piece, a SIGNIFICANT savings on your postage bill.

I guess I should ask… have you even considered direct mail lately?

Direct Mail is one of the best ways to target your prospect, it can also be one of the most expensive, but it works. Despite the internet mail is still attractive because you can target new customers without annoying them like phone calls or e-mails do (when they haven’t asked to be on your list). Let’s explore how this service works and how you can benefit from it.

Attract Customers and Bring a Smile to Your Face

Attract Customers and Bring a Smile to Your Face

What are the Benefits (Show me the Money!)

It’s a cost effective way to saturate a specific, local area and get your marketing messages directly in front of your prospects. Use it to:

  • Promote sales, opportunities and events
  • Announce grand openings
  • Send special offers, discounts and notice of sales

How Do I do it?

  • Targeting is done by carrier routes, you can see specific neighborhoods by going to the USPS website at
  • As you select your neighborhoods you can see exactly the quantity and postage that the mailing will cost (Generally $0.15 per piece)
  • Pieces are not individually addressed, instead the carrier delivers one to each and every house on his “carrier route”
  • You can create pieces as large as 15″ long and 12″ high, up to 3.3 oz.
  • Learn more at or to make it really easy, just call PIP at 407-847-5565, we can help you with planning, design, printing and get your mailing to the post office.

It’s never been cheaper to take advantage of direct mail and make it work for your organization!

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