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Face It!

The Internet has introduced so many new marketing channels through various sites, email, messaging, social media, and social sites. Facebook was once a simple platform to connect with friends and family. Now, you can’t scroll through your feed without advertisements, sales, and video marketing for your attention. Internet trends and markets have created new consumer behaviors that marketers use to make the most of their campaigns. Research shows that the most effective campaigns now reach customers with a blend of direct mail, Web and email. This is the new face of marketing. An integrated marketing campaign today may encompass the following steps:

1. A targeted direct mail piece with a compelling offer

2. An offer linked to a personalized URL

3. A personalized website page containing a short survey

4. A thank-you email or letter

5. The saved survey information is sent to the sales department

6. A direct sales call to the customer

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By tying these steps all together into an integrated campaign, companies can collect more customer data to use in future marketing efforts. The benefits of an Integrated Marketing Campaign for today’s marketer are that customers respond to relevant messages and their level of response increases as messages are integrated across media channels. At PIP we have the tools in place to provide this value-added opportunity for you and your business.
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