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Florida Counterfeit-Proof Prescription Pads

Effective July1, 2011 The State of Florida enacted a new law that requires physicians to utilize counterfeit-proof prescription pads when writing a prescription for any controlled substance. Compliance is mandatory as pharmacies will soon refuse prescriptions not written on the correctly printed scripts.

Due to the rapid implementation, the state has issued a 60 day Grace Period. However, offices have to be in compliance by September 1, 2011.

After leading the nation in fraudulent prescriptions, (for some drugs, Florida wrote more prescriptions than the other 50 states combined!),  Florida has taken some very appropriate action. Besides the prescription pads being counterfeit-proof, physicians have to take other steps to prevent abuse including a written treatment plan with specific objectives, regular follow-ups (at least 3 months) and maintenance of accurate records.

Florida Counterfeit Proof Prescription pad

Florida Counterfeit Proof Prescription pad

We are authorized by the state to produce such pads, which in order to meet the state requirements must meet the following requirements:

  • Resist erasures and reproductions. The blank must be printed on artificial watermarked paper
  • A blue or green background ink that resists reproduction
  • Display the word “VOID” or “ILLEGAL”, if the prescription pad is copied
  • Space for the prescribers DEA number.
  • List the security features on the prescription pad
  • A unique tracking number consisting of (1) a unique alphabetic prefix that identifies the vendor (ours is PPM as shown above). (2) The date of printing in a six digit format. (3) a batch number (which for us corresponds to the invoice number.

As a vendor we are also required to certify that the prescribing physician is authorized by the state to write prescriptions and any orders have to be signed for by one of the prescribing physicians in the office. We also have to account for any ruined sheets and destroy any incorrectly printed pages. In addition, we send a report of all orders to the state each month.

We can help you meet the state deadline and make ordering your counterfeit-proof  prescription pads easy! Just click >>HERE: Florida Prescription Pad Order Form<< to download the pdf file of our order form!

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