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Florida is one of three LSA manufacturers in the world

LSA kissimmee

Here is a photo of an Italico Light Sport Aircraft, which will begin being manufactured in Florida. Photo courtesy of the City of Kissimmee.


There are only three large manufacturers of light sports aircraft (LSA) in the world, and as of yesterday Kissimmee is home to one of them – Italico Aviation USA.

Yesterday, the City of Kissimmee’s Economic Development Office hosted a press conference to announce the expansion of the Italy-based airplane manufacturer to the U.S.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Italico Aviation USA is projected to create 22 new jobs in its infancy, which will expand to 55 jobs within the next four years. The exciting part is that the jobs will pay an average of $61,000 per year, which is double the typical wage in the area.

Eros Spinozzi, Italico president, said they did not know where to go at first, but they decided on Florida because of it’s centralized location and down-to-earth atmosphere.

“We considered Atlanta and Osh Kosh, but then we said, they fly planes in Florida as well, and it’s not as cold,” Spinozzi joked.

According to Spinozzi, LSA’s are the future of planes, and I must admit that he may be right. An LSA runs on regular gasoline, which means you can fill it up anywhere, anytime. It costs about $25 per hour to operate so the maintenance is drastically cheaper than that of a helicopter. What is more impressive than the cost? It is the only plane with no fatalities in the past 35 years of flying.

“We share great pride in Italico’s decision to expand their operation here. It is a testament that Kissimmee and Osceola County are great places for international companies to start, expand and continue,” City of Kissimmee Mayor Jim Swan said in a press release.

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