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How to Go Viral

If you haven’t heard of Carter Wilkerson or #NUGGSforCarter you seriously need to look this kid up on twitter. You also need to be paying attention to Wendy’s fast food chain’s twitter account @Wendys as well. They are on fire this year!

Carter, a high school student in Nevada has recently caused quite a buzz on social media. What started as a joke between he and his friends quickly blew up and made him an overnight sensation on Twitter. Along with this new found fame and attention, he is aiding efforts with charitable organizations. Not too shabby for a 17 year old kid who was “unknown” at the beginning of the month.

Wendy’s twitter account has gained numbers of new followers and tons of attention for their edgy quips. It really began when @McDonald’s tweeted out a post on their commitment to use 100% beef in a particular burger item on their menu. @Wendys fired back with a snarky comment that sent the internet ablaze.

Picking  up on the @Wendys craze and everyone following to see what they’re going to say next — not to mention his love for chicken nuggets — Carter sent @Wendys a tweet asking how many retweets it would take to earn him free nuggets for a year. Wendy’s answered “18 million” and Carter has been on a mission for his “nuggs” ever since. Usually, a large restaurant chain wouldn’t directly answer a patron on such a request. But as soon as they acknowledged his query and his retweets numbers skyrocketed I’m sure Wendy’s is ecstatic that their move has captivated the social media and internet audience.

Currently, Ellen Degeneres holds the record for most retweets on twitter. As soon as she got wind of his numbers nearing her record she mentions him on her show and eventually brings him on her show! All because the kid wants some nuggets. Many and I mean MANY other companies have jumped on this bandwagon and have offered Carter everything from free flights to mobile phone service. He is even selling shirts and donating 100% of the proceeds to charities while Wendy’s is donating $100,000 to their Dave Thomas Foundation which is pretty awesome especially for a 17 year old student.

You must be asking why is this important to me? How can a teenager on a quest for nuggets help me and my business?

I tell you about this overnight internet sensation to help you understand that there is no exact rhyme or reason a social media post (on any channel) goes viral. It may not be appropriate for your brand to participate in snarky social media banter and that’s perfectly fine. The main thing Wendy’s did here was make their brand personable. They roped in MILLIONS of social media followers and made you want to cheer Carter on because, at the beginning of the month, he was just like you or me; just a regular guy. He definitely didn’t expect this overnight fandom result and I’m sure Wendy’s didn’t think responding to one customer on twitter would create such a monumental event in social media history.

Now pay attention to this: Wendy’s answered Carter’s tweet and gave him a seemingly ridiculous challenge of 18 million retweets. They could have used this steep number to answer but silence him and gone on about their business. But they didn’t stop there. They got in on the action and are having lots of fun with this internet challenge by soliciting other companies like Microsoft and even celebrities. Whether your brand is suitable to host a sarcastic twitter exchange or a much more conservative approach is in order, remember that social media is just that…. SOCIAL. Be relatable to your customers and intriguing to your potential ones. You never know what will be the next big thing to go viral; it could be YOUR BUSINESS!

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By Nicole Santiago



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