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How to Use Business Contacts to Adjust Your Vision!

SUCCESS. That’s the bottom line. No matter what business you’re in, no matter how big or small your company is, no matter what product or service you offer, every business has the same goal: to be successful.

Having a sign out front of your business, a great website, and a strategic marketing plan are good starts to getting your business name in front of potential customers. Companies spend millions every year in advertising in hopes of luring in new customers. But what happens once you get a customer? Your marketing efforts can’t end there. Many companies are so busy trying to attract and sell to new customers to make their business “grow”, that they don’t focus on what they already have. In fact, those consumers who have already purchased from you are great because they know the quality of your product and have a familiarity with your company. Your existing customers are likely to be more comfortable buying from you again than a new customer who isn’t quite sure about you just yet.

We all know it can be quite difficult to “sell yourself” or your product to a brand new customer. New customers want their trust to be sought after, valued, and courted before they offer their hand in business marriage. But the existing customer, that’s where the golden ticket to success is. You see, your current customers have already agreed to a relationship with you. If they have walked through your business doors they see a familiar face that they can put a name to. If you are strictly .com based then your customers know what to expect when receiving a shipment from you.

In the dating world, why do most relationships break up? “We fight over money”, “we fight over the kids”, or “things changed, we are just two different people now”.

First of all, never lose a customer over money. If it won’t cost much to make them happy then do it. Offer them ‘customer loyalty’ discounts or sales. Not only will they return but they will appreciate the good deed you did for them and tell their friends about you. Remember, it’s all about how you make the customer feel.

Second, how many times have you witnessed a parent giving in to their screaming child in the candy aisle and thought to yourself, “If that were my child I would….”. A client’s business is their baby that they’ve birthed and nursed. They feel that they know what’s best for their child’s health. Your job is to help them to see what options could improve their child’s development, but at the end of the day we have to remember that it is their baby. Give your customer what they ask for. Even if it is a bad move for them, you can use it as an example to show them a better direction.

Finally, as your customer’s business grows you must keep in stride with them- if not one step ahead of them. You have to be responsive to the different directions their field is moving in and be able to keep them in the game. If you’re a printing company and your competitors offer shipping, get into shipping! Don’t lose customers because you ‘don’t do shipping’. Look at McDonald’s restaurants for example. In recent years they have greatly expanded their menus and now offer salads, artisan coffees, and various desserts. Some McDonald’s even serve pizzas! I seriously doubt that good ol’ Ronald ever intended to sell pizza at his burger joint, but his vision definitely did involve satisfying his customers.  They offer new menu items to give their existing customers a reason to continue their interest with McDonald’s and continue coming back for more.

Maintain communication with your existing customers while targeting new ones. Learn what it is your customers want, what direction their markets are heading in and find new ways to create solutions for them. Call us at PIP today and let us help you with ideas for keeping your customers coming back for more!

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