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Logo Creation: Designing the Face of your Brand

A Logo is considered to be the face of a brand. It sets that first impression. It makes an instant connection. And it’s easy to recognize. Good logos don’t happen magically or by accident, it’s a deliberate and careful process. At PIP we have an incredible program that can help a business develop a memorable and effective logo.

This process begins with a conference call with you and anyone else on your staff that you feel can provide needed input. We discuss your business, logos you like, the message you want to convey. A project manager and two designers will work as a team on your logo. You will receive six concepts for your first

6 Logo Concepts

We start the logo design process with 6 concepts, Here are the original concept logos For St. Cloud Parks & Recreation

logo, all different from each other and based on the initial planning discussion.  From there you will let us know what your team likes about each logo, and we will go into revisions with three revised concepts for your viewing.  After choosing favorite styles from each concept with preference to lettering and colors, we will provide two additional concepts if needed.  Then, after your final review, the choice is narrowed creating the final design.

After the final version is decided on, A CD is provided with the final LOGO files converted for all types of usages:  EPS, TIF, JPG, GIF — in Color and Black & White.

From start to finish this process takes about three weeks. A logo is a distinguished investment.  What distinguishes a logo developed by a professional team of design experts from those outsourced on-line, a freelance designer, or even our competition? The answer is in the depth of what lengths we go to.

The City of St. Cloud Parks & Recreation Final Logo design!

The City of St. Cloud Parks & Recreation Final Logo design!

Our branding team provides the strategy, research and creative expertise:
• Research of industry
• Branding expertise
• Experienced designers
• Art directed custom designs ready for trademark application

A logo created this way can be a significant investment, but when the end result is a first class logo that will help build brand recognition, it really pays!

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