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So you are a month into the new year and still haven’t decided on your marketing strategy…I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the main strategies that tend to be a necessary focus including:

Aim BEFORE you fire, know your target!

Aim BEFORE you fire, know your target!

1. Lead Generation
2. Cross Selling/Up Selling a Customer
3. Customer Retention
4. Customer Reactivation
5. Branding
6. Tracking and Analyzing Performance.


The old sales adage goes “Nothing happens until somebody sells something” is as true today as it ever was, despite all the new tech, websites, social media and everything, success and profit comes from sales, and “sales fix a lot of problems”. The days are gone where you can hang out a shingle (sign) and people will come. You have to be much more proactive to get peoples attention.

First, Before you start ANYTHING…Know who your customer is!

Are they old, young, what is their income range, where do they live, what habits do they have that tie in to your product or service? There is an incredible amount of data out there today, I can get you a list of people that hi parameters like “30+ years old, homeowners, have children 5-12 years old, incomes over $40,000, have a pet, drive a Ford, health conscious and like cruises”. I’m told that the database companies have over 240 points of data that they try to get on each one of us. So the more you can drill down on the “buyer persona” of your customers the more we can target them.

Once you have identified your key customer, whether consumer or business, we can target them many ways, here are some examples of things you should probably be doing:

Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail is STILL one of the best strategies.

1. DIRECT MAIL: Believe it or not, this is still one of the best ways to get people’s attention, people don’t get aggravated with mail like they do unsolicited phone calls and e-mails, studies show most people LIKE going to the mailbox. The days are gone of huge mass mailings. We can focus like a laser on your key prospects and only spend money sending a mailing to your most likely buyers. We can focus on a set radius around your business or specific neighborhoods. The Post Office has recently introduced Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) that allows you to target carrier routes and deliver to every house in a specific area at a greatly reduced postage rate. If you are a dentist or pizza shot, it is an incredibly way to use direct mail.

2. WEBSITES: Today’s Yellow Pages ad is your website and how easy it is for your customers and prospects to find you. If it has been over 3 years since you updated your website you may want to look at refurbishing it! Google and the other search engines are putting more and more focus on content and watching how you interact with your customers online. You want to add a blog and provide helpful information to your customers. Today’s websites can be set up so the business owner can change much of the content themselves without having to have their web developer change it and charge them every time! We recently completed that kind of conversion for Massage Works in Kissimmee, we made their website editable, added a blog and added a PayPal purchase page so that their customers can buy gift cards online, and it was done in weeks not months!

3. SIGNS and GRAPHICS: Can people see your business when they drive by? Do they know what you do when they see your name or logo? You can put graphics on your windows, your walls, your

Tradeshow Booth

We helped Green Earth Technologies update all the graphics on this 2-story tradeshow booth!

doors and your vehicle! I’m sure you have noticed how prominent vehicle wraps have become, they become moving billboards that you drive around or highlight your business when sitting in your parking lot!

4. EVENTS and TRADE SHOWS: Are you showcasing your business at community events or industry tradeshows? There are many opportunity to get your name out there, and there are MANY new ways of setting up a display. You can refresh trade show displays with new graphics or create new and exciting looks with the new technologies available.

5. VISITS/COLD CALLS: The old faithful method still works as well or better than the rest! You might not make the sale, but the opportunity to drop off a nice flyer, brochure or even mug, pen or paperclip holder with your logo and phone on it pays off. You can also ask for the name and card of the decision maker that buys your product. My son in college will be paying his way making personal visits to homes to sell pest control!

6. SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs and more! These are not magic bullets that some make them out to be. Like any other marketing effort, it is consistent application and strategy to target your customers where they go online. If you can’t tell me exactly why you are on social media and who you are targeting you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time. Google and the other search engines do take notice of your activity in these areas and they can help your organic search engine results. Just remember, if someone is selling you social media services and it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. It is something to do long term and with planning.

There are no “Magic Bullets” in marketing, using one of several of these strategies consistently is what works. It still takes 7-9 touches or contacts to make a sale, there are just different ways to make those touches today. The trick is when the typical consumer is seeing 3,000+ marketing messages a day, that yours stands out!


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