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I had the opportunity Friday to tour the brand new Nemour’s Children’s Hospital in Lake Nona, part of the new Medical City development in South Orlando. I have to say that I was incredibly impressed!

Nemours Children's Hospital

The Entrance to the new Nemour’s Children’s Hospital, a truly amazing building and mission

Nemour’s Children’s Hospital, Orlando (NCH), in Lake Nona Medical City, had taken 60 acres and created an amazing hospital for children and families. They began by creating a panel that included families to create a hospital that truly focuses on the needs of the child and their family. They offer education to families to help them know how to care for their child’s unique medical needs, they even have a training kitchen where they teach families how to cook for unique dietary needs. Beautiful gardens at ground level and on the roof give children the opportunity to go outside and escape the confines of their room. When they are in their room, they have the unique opportunity to control their environment…at least a little, with room

Nemours Childrens Hospital at Night

Nemour’s at night, children can pick the color of light in their room!

lighting controls that will change the light in their room shades of the rainbow. If you drive by at night you will see a variety of colors looking back at you from the hospital.

While providing care to their patients, they are also working to bring the latest advances in care and treatment to the children they serve. They are teaming up with nearby Sanford-Burnham’s medical research facility to develop new advances and cures for disease.

On our 60-acre pediatric health campus, we offer family-centered specialty care, education, and state-of-the-art hospital services, so that from clinic to hospital to home, we are with you every step of the way.

Medical Specialties

Nemour’s brings many specialty doctors and care programs to Central Florida allowing many families to be able to care for their children closer to home. There have even been families move to Central Florida to take advantage of some of the specialty programs like; rheumatologyinterventional radiology, and comprehensive physical and rehabilitation medicine. They have sought not to duplicate services we already have in Central Florida, but to bring new options to our families.

Every turn through the building brought new wonders, kind of like going through the factory of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there are walls of light, amazing chairs, fountains,

Nemour's Lobby Light Wall

This wall of light is constantly changing colors and patterns…amazing

colors and artwork to enjoy. The structure has open spaces to avoid any kind of “closed in” feeling. It is truly one of the most amazing buildings I have ever been in. I was also impressed with the dedication of the management and marketing team, to make the hospital a true friend and partner to Central Florida’s families and medical community. They have already exceeded expected use and have recently added 80 additional jobs to Central Florida!

I appreciated the hospitality we were shown and am grateful for the opportunity to view this amazing facility and learn about their dedication behind the scenes.

To view more images from our tour, visit our Facebook page by clicking on any of the photos on the page or click here.

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