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Part 5 of SEO series: Creative blog content ideas

You know that keywords, links and excellent blog content, which is funny, educational and visually appealing, is vital to your company’s marketing success but actually creating that content may be difficult.

What should you write about? Where should you look for ideas? How are you supposed to blog everyday?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91 percent of marketers are “doing” content marketing in some form, and their biggest content marketing challenge is creating enough content.

Effective Blog Content MindMap

Here is a mind map I created at GiveCamp Orlando for Early Learning Coalition of Orange County’s marketing plan.










In the above image, I provide you with numerous content ideas and resources to help you design and implement a successful content marketing strategy. Like I have said in past posts, it is vital that you have quality content because you need to hide your keywords behind something. Here are some creative and time-efficient ways to create quality content for your company.

Effective blog content

Multimedia & Visuals

1. Create an infographic. An infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. Click here for an example of an infographic. Here is a list of websites where you can create infographics easily:

2. Design an original image or take a photograph yourself.

3. Create a screencast or take screenshots for your clients. Show them how easy a process is by taking pictures of each screen or simply using a free screen recording tool.

How do you take a screenshot? You can either simultaneously click “Ctrl” (bottom left corner of keyboard) and “PrtScn” (top right corner of keyboard) and paste the image into Paint or you could take a screenshot the easier way by utilizing the “snipping tool.” If you do not know where this is then search for it in your Windows search bar. Record you screen on websites such as:

For additional resources, visit:

Use existing content

1. Share your presentations online. If you give presentations often then create an account on SlideShare, and share your slides. And if you do not give presentations often then utilize your co-workers or employees presentations – with their permission of course.

2. When you don’t have time for a long blog post, go through your bookmarks and create a list of your favorite online resources or a list of the best articles around the web.

3. Write about a controversial topic to gain traction. Find an article or column that you strongly agree or disagree with and back up your argument.

Also, check out It is a free website that allows you to create a newspaper for free. This website is awesome because you will always have content with minimal effort required.

Act like a journalist

1. Write about timely events happening in your local community.

2. Interview influential people in your community. Use your iPhone to record it, and then create a podcast that you can submit to iTunes.

3. Journalists take national events and turn them into local stories by finding people in their local community who are affected by the issue. Localize national industry-events to gain interest from your leads and prospects.

4. Write a review of a product, service or anything else that appeals to your clients’ interest.

5. Ask local experts for advice and recommendations.

How-to and useful tips

1. Take viral news and transform it into a how-to column, such as “Five lessons from the 2012 election.”

2. Write lists. Some list examples are:

  • Top ___ lists
  • Lists of things to avoid
  • Lists of the best websites
  • Lists of the best resources
  • Top 10 myths about your industry
  • Round up a list of interesting statistics of the day, week, month….

Conduct and utilize research

Lastly, do not forget to cross-pollinate all of your social media platforms, such as uploading images to Flickr and then sharing them on Pinterest, and most importantly, remember to utilize your influencers and resources.

If you are still having trouble blogging or just do not have the time, call PIP Printing & Marketing at 407-847-5565. For a free website and social media competitive analysis click here. After a comprehensive analysis and a free consultation, we will set up with a strategic content marketing plan.

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