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Poster Printing: Different Ways for Different Applications

It used to be if you wanted a poster, you had the choice between paper and banner material, but today’s technology has produced equipment that will print on many different surfaces to give you options based on how you are projecting your message! Let’s look at some of your newer options!

Window Clings: Bright, Easy to Install and remove.

Window Clings: Bright, Easy to Install and remove.

1. WINDOW CLINGS: Available in White and Clear material, we can print these up to 54″ wide by ??? long! With a spray-bottle full of water and a couple of drops of dish soap and a squeegee, installation is a breeze! They look great and come off of the window easily when it is time to take them down. Great for window graphics that need to be up from 1 to 6 months (but can last much longer!). You have seen them all over fast food restaurants and retail storefronts…do one of your own!

This wall graphic is made of Adhesive Vinyl Fabric on the left side, and Removable Vinyl on the Right

This wall graphic is made of Re-positionable Vinyl Fabric on the left side, and Removable Vinyl on the Right

2. REMOVABLE VINYL WALL GRAPHICS: If you ever wanted to put up a mural, or the equivalent of a window cling on an inside wall, this stuff is great. It is easy to self install, and is easily removable up to one year. Colors print vibrant and you can wipe it off or clean it if it gets dirty. Great for interiors or short term exterior graphics.

3. RE-POSITIONABLE VINYL FABRIC: This material takes the “removable” feature a step further, this material is re-usable multiple times, if you save the backer it can be removed, saved and then re-applied later. As long as you keep the adhesive clean, it can be applied multiple times to different services. It can be applied to any surface. It can be used multiple times like a banner, but not have to be “tied” to anything!


Perforated Window Film, Outside View


Window mesh inside view, easy to see through!

4. WINDOW PERF: Have a lot of windows? How about turning them into an advertisement? With “perforated” window film you can put a full color graphic on the window and still see through it! It’s one of the few ways you can add a “sign” to your business without going through city or county zoning”

We also have solutions for brick walls, floors, ceilings and more! There are amazing things we can do with today’s media and technology…ask us!

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