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PUSH vs. PULL Marketing

Today’s marketing efforts boil down to two general strategies, that when balanced, give the best possible results to your sales.

The marketing funnel of yesterday has been turned upside down! It used to be that we could focus on one or two methods to generate interest and leads, but today there are dozens if not hundreds, but they generally fall into two categories:

The New Marketing Funnel is a LOT different than yesterdays...The New Marketing Funnel is a LOT different than yesterdays...

The New Marketing Funnel is a LOT different than yesterdays…The New Marketing Funnel is a LOT different than yesterdays…

1. Push Marketing: These are the channels that we use to “Push” our message out to our customers and prospects. We often use “Problem Identification” to help our target understand why they need us and to build enough interest that we can begin to have a conversation and hopefully a sale

2. Pull Marketing: These are the new “Social Media” channels, the internet, your website and such. Your prospect identifies their own problem “Problem Recognition” and then starts looking for a solution, they go to blogs, forums, your website and more to learn and research their decision long before you ever hear from them! The question is are you actively “Pulling” them towards you with a presence in those channels that your customers are in!?

Too many people get excited about a specific channel and start ignoring other methods that were working for them. Social Media can be in important part of your strategy, but you should still be doing the things that have worked as well as evaluating the new channels. The most important thing with any marketing effort is to understand the ROI (Return on Investment) by tracking your results and constantly adjusting your efforts!

If you have not taken a good look at your marketing in a while, we can come out and give you an analysis of your website and two competitors, as well as your traditional and social media efforts at no charge…just call! 407-847-5565 or e-mail .


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