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Registering Your Website With The Search Engines

I just attended a Google Marketing and Adwords Seminar to catch-up on what the current trends and best practices are for online marketing. The search engines, and especially Google’s, continue to get smarter about how they classify your website. For several years companies would load keywords and gimmicks on their sites so that they would rise to the top of the organic search results, but that is no longer possible with the new way that sites are classified.


Guide to Registering your website on the Internet.

Click on the above report, go to my request a quote page and ask me to email you a FREE copy.

Sites are now ranked using a number of different controls. These include how often content is changed, added and updated. How many pages visitors go to when they drop in and somewhat the length of time they sit on the pages. Pages that copy content are actually penalized and original content goes a lot further. Now the content is becoming more important than anything else.


For many businesses, the face that their customers primarily see is their website. The days where a customer comes to your location can tend to be less and less, or if they come, it’s AFTER they have already been to your website to learn more about you.

A lot of small business owners don’t have the means for a lot of professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (which is now very tricky to fake, and if Google catches you cheating they will penalize you severely). Some even set up their own websites to get that presence going.

After your website is up and running, you don’t just sit there and wait for everyone to find you! Before anyone can find you the search engines have to find you. This is most easily done by simply going to the search engines and registering with them. They will then send “spiders” to crawl your page and learn what you are about. Your site will continue to be monitored to see if content is being updated and how often and consistently it is updated, and eventually patient massaging of your content and website can result in success!

The great thing is that registering your website is FREE! You simply go to each search engine and complete the registration process and then keep at updating your site. Now, only if someone had created some kind of guide that had instructions explaining how to do this with the main engines…Oh wait! We did! …and I would be happy to share it with you. As the above caption states, simply go to my request a quote page and ask me to send you a copy of the pdf file. If you live in the Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud area feel free to request a printed copy and I’ll mail it to you!

Growing your sales is your ultimate goal.  Is your website really working as part of that effort? And if by chance you’re not happy with your website, let me know at the above link and I would be happy to get you information on how we can help you improve it!






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