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Self-Publishing on the web saves you an arm & a leg

Printing on demand book

Printing isn’t dead. In fact print copies have vastly outsold eBooks.

According to a recent New York Times article, over all, E-books account for only about 14 percent of all general consumer fiction and nonfiction books sold, according to Forrester Research.

Prior to digital technology, such as digital publishing and print on demand, self-publishers would have to beg traditional publishing houses to print their books. If the traditional printers rejected the writer’s query then the writer was left with the option of vanity publishing, which would cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 and of course he or she would have to purchase the books that did not sell.

Print-on-demand (POD) is a method of printing using digital technology to print books in quantities as few as one, meaning books are printed when they are needed. The term POD typically refers to printing very small quantities of books to fulfill orders as they are received.

Digital technology is also used in “short run” book printing, where books are printed in quantities of approximately 25 to 1,000. In larger quantities, offset printing (applying ink to paper on a printing press) is typically more sensible.

Producing a book is incomparably cheaper now thanks to digital publishing and print on demand.

“It’s the Wild West in a lot of ways — people who are innovators can do remarkable things,” said Mark Levine, whose own self-published book, “The Fine Print of Self-Publishing,” is now in its fourth edition.

Finding a cost-effective way to get your book published is only half of the battle though. Unless you are a stellar marketer and have built relationships with various media outlets then how will anyone learn about your awesome new book? They won’t!

PIP Printing & Marketing in Kissimmee, FL not only offers print-on-demand and book-on-demand services but it can also provide you with marketing solutions to ensure your new book receives the traction it deserves online and offline.

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