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Stop trying to sell people something!

I hear you vehemently telling me, “We are a business. Of course we are trying to sell our customers something!!”.

People are very intelligent. They know when they’ve been given a line. They know when a company is just fishing for a sell. People are very personal. We all want to feel special. The first step in getting a potential customer’s attention is to get them to like you. For them to like you, they have to feel like you like them first. -Is it just me or is this totally reminiscent of passing notes in grade school asking ‘do you like me, check yes or no’? – But seriously, the same fundamental applies here. We have discussed this in our previous blog entries. The reason customers go to your company over all the others out there that offer the same product you do is because of how you make them feel.

One-to-One Marketing is the best way to communicate directly with a customer. This type of marketing is geared towards a specific demographic with particular needs and interests. This means that you actually know a little something about the person receiving your marketing materials. In turn, that person will have a much better response toward your marketing efforts. You see, because you have done research, you know that the type of customer that your business or campaign appeals to will be the same type of person who will receive your materials. If your company sells used cars it would not be a smart decision to market to consumers who have purchased new vehicles in recent years. A mailer on used car sales would not be of interest to them. However, focussing on families with soon to be or newly licensed drivers could be very good for business.

When you market to the right demographic at the right time, you are offering something of value and real interest to the person. Spend some  time getting to know your customer then come and see us here at PIP. We can get your One-to-One marketing campaign off to a running start that is sure to gain your business great results!


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