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Tangible Marketing = Visible Results


While there once was a day that you had to be all about finding your customers in their digital worlds. But now that so many companies are all digital, it’s proving beneficial to stand out from the crowd by “doing things old school” and delivering physical printed pieces.

The push of so much digital communication makes it all too easy to overlook email and text message marketing campaigns. And our latest device softwares make it so easy for the consumer to execute mass deletions of emails with the press of one button. Just a few years ago our mailboxes were overflowing with oversized postcards and catalogs that we bundled and tossed in the can. Now, with so few companies practicing these campaigns, printed mail now commands attention as a recipient must look at and decide what to do with the piece. That extra step in the cognitive process is so very important because it is one more chance for them to remember your name, take a good hard look at what you’re advertising/announcing, and make a conscious decision on whether to keep that piece of literature for later reference or toss it.

“Print is an irreplaceable, tangible experience that is uniquely its own. It’s physical and does not need to be plugged in or charged. It’s ready to interact whenever you are.” – Justin Ahrens Founder Rule29

With so many turning to digital, the physical touch may be the lasting impression that sets you apart from the masses.

It is human nature to want to interact with our environment. People are no longer satisfied with going to zoos to see the exotic animals, now we must be able to touch and feed them.

“People long for a tangible printed artifact to immortalize their experience.” – Drew Davies Founder and Design Director, Oxide Design Co.

Think of all the memorabilia sold at concerts and sports games; personalized post cards or mugs from your recent vacation spot – t-shirts that say “I was here”.

Am I saying that we should ditch digital marketing altogether? Absolutely not. Every marketing channel has the potential to be very beneficial for your company, and, in some cases, certain channels may be insignificant for particular companies. Physical print simply complements the digital experience of a marketing campaign.


Provide something extra or detachable such as a membership card, bookmark, discount card, motivational quote or endearing illustration – something people will hold on to and be able to see later after they have already forgotten about the initial meeting or marketing experience.

Here at PIP we can print perforated marketing pieces with detachable business cards, bookmarks, or magnetic calendars people will keep on their fridge or filing cabinet. The more frequently a consumer sees or hears your name, the more frequently they think about YOU and not your competitors.

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