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The Employee Handbook: Human Resources 101

The Employee Handbook: Human Resources 101

The backbone of every Human Resources effort is the employee handbook. The trick can be getting it into the format that works best for every HR Department. Generally, you have 4 options for binding a handbook which are:

Saddle Stitched Handbook

1- SADDLE STITCHED: This is where the handbook is literally stapled like a magazine. As long as you don’t have too many pages (No more than 60), this can be the most cost effective option as most digital equipment can print, collate and staple the finished books all at the same time.

Coil Binding

2- COIL BOUND: Holed are punched into the edge of the book and a plastic spiral coil is threaded through the spine. The advantage is that your pages can lay flat and it’s ideal for training use or frequent reference. You can easily coil bind a 200 page handbook or document.

Perfect Binding

3- PERFECT BOUND: This is the nicest option, the cover wraps around the book creating a very professional look, the pages are literally glued into the spine. If there are enough pages, the spine can even be printed to make it easy to identify sitting on a shelf.


Custom 3-Ring Binder

4- 3-RING BINDER: We can custom make binders for handbooks to completely brand it to your business. The advantage here is being able to most easily use tabs and add or switch out pages if policies change.


Custom Tabs

1- We can add tabs to Coil bound and perfect bound, however you have the tab sticking out unprotected, we can make laminated reinforced tabs to prevent them from easily bending.

2- The last page can be perforated close to the spine to create a removeable “handbook received” document that employees can sign and remove from the book, documenting that they have received it.

There are many other options from colored paper, weights of paper, digital versions and more that we can help you with. Let us know how your goals for your handbook and we can recommend your best option. Often we will even provide a no cost, complete sample of your handbook for you to review the binding option and finished look before your order, just ask one of our staff.

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