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The Holy Grail of Mail

So frustrating!! Doing all you can, gathering marketing committees, questionnaires, hours upon hours of data research, market testing and getting very few results.

Why not start with the best prospects possible to begin with? Why start with 1,000 questionable prospects when you could start out with 1,000 spot on target candidates? Consumers that you already know have the interests and buying habits of your target demographics. The answer is crystal clear.

With our Direct Mailing process we can narrow down the most minute details about your target audience giving your marketing greater chances of ROI.

Here’s a short list of just a few of the specifications we can target with your next direct mail piece:

• income

• interests

• hobbies

• travel

• likelihood that household has a warranty on their vehicle

• type of vehicle owned

• type of vehicle interested in buying

• AAA member

• refilled prescriptions in last month

• magazine subscriptions

• personal/property insurance company brand

• life insurance policy

• favorite television channels

• retail shopping habits

• favorite clothing brands

I will save you some reading (there are over 3,500 specs on our list) and tell you there are what seems like an infinite amount of options!!

Call PIP today at  407-847-5565 and let us start designing a mailing piece that will be in the hands of your next best customers!

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