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Top 10 Direct Mail Do’s and Dont’s

The mast important part of a successful direct mail campaign is the target list. Your message has to get to the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME to get acted on.

The List is the MOST important part of your campaign!

Successful direct mail is a lot more than the graphic design, some companies and advertising agencies will be focused on winning awards for their marketing… in reality, if they really wanted to make the awards relevent they would base them on how well they PERFORM, not how artistic or original they are! There are some key things you can do to increase the success of your mailing, statistics show that the list is the largest factor, representing 40% of the success of your mailing!


Here are some things to focus on to make sure your mailing is successful!:

Top 10 Direct Mail Dos and Don’ts

1. DO use the right list. Make sure that you have identified your desired customer, there are so many selects you can target from income range, age of children, hobbies, homeowners/renters, credit worthiness, career, RV owners, and so on…

2. DO include compelling copy. It may be 100 or even 25 words, but they need to be the words that will evoke emotion in your reader.

3. DON’T forget a call to action, make it clear what the reader should do. It may even just be to get them to go to your website or Facebook page, but that is still the action you want to identify.

4. DO test. Make sure the piece makes an impact and measure it, there are so many ways to track it, use one!

5. DON’T use lists of features…Instead, highlight the benefits of your product or service. Focus on the solution you provide and how you make their life better, make it about them!

6. DO proof the copy. Proofreading is essential to all your marketing campaigns.

7. DO focus on your headline. After all, you only have a few seconds to grab the reader. This is critical on Postcards, many make the mistake of focusing on the non-address side, guess what…YOU read your mail over the trash can, do you look at the “front” of the card if the address side doesn’t catch your attention?

8. DON’T highlight form over function. Focus as much attention on the content as you do on the design elements. Remember…RESULTS not awards.

9. DO follow up. Call or mail additional information, or at least be prepared to fulfill requests for the product or for additional information.

10. DO tap into expert advice. Learn from experts in the field like your PIP team!

I completed my Direct Marketing Professional Certification this year…ask me how I can help you get more impact from your Direct Mail activities!









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