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Why Doctors and Dentists Need A Website

• Why do I need a website?
• Why do I need to Update my website?

In general, medical practices are small to sometimes large businesses. Practices are in business to serve their customers/patients and to make a profit for the Doctor. To do that successfully, your patients/customers need to be aware of your services and confident in your practice. Advertising is an important strategy for expanding awareness of your services to new and existing patients.  A website is an important piece of your overall communications and marketing strategy.

Medical Website

A good website inspires confidence and makes it easy for your patients to find and contact you!

Consumers (patients) are increasingly spending more time online, searching the Internet for answers to their questions. Many (between 50 and 90 million) surfers are researching health-related questions. They get their answers from many Internet web resources, it is becoming more common for patients to choose or evaluate their physicians from their selection of choices on the Internet (only 17% looked for a dentist in the yellow pages in 2012). This is especially true for prospective patients who have just recently relocated to a new area.

The newest trend is that roughly half of those looking up information online are doing it on their smart phones or tablets. Your web site can be optimized for viewing on different devices.
Having a medical practice website that is attractive, interesting, concise, well organized, and easy to navigate, can reap many benefits for a practice, including:
• Increased marketability to new patients, make a good first impression when they find you online.
• Increased efficiency, i.e. reducing staff time on telephone for commonly asked questions
• Listing a map and directions for location, list of services and practice policies for new patients
• Downloadable patient forms and procedure follow-up care instructions.
• Providing accurate informational resources for current and prospective patients, these can include procedure descriptions and frequently asked questions.
• Enhanced practice image by implying that if it is current enough to have a website, then it is more likely to use the latest medical technologies & methodologies. (1/3 of dentists in Central Florida don’t have a web page!)
• Enhanced professional image among colleagues, an important referral base. Additionally, adding the web address to marketing material, business cards, and other office letterhead can increase awareness.

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