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April 24, 2013

HP Wallart, Custom Wallpaper with WOW!

Dentist Office Wall Art

The Power to Transform and Enhance the Value of a Room is in demand! With a combination of HP’s amazing Latex Ink (which is Green Certified), incredible wallpaper media and HP’s new “Wall-Art” Design software we can now easily take

April 18, 2013

Door Hangers: Guerilla Marketing 101

When you need business, and you need it bad…consider the good old door hanger! Starting up a new business is hard, 50% fail in the first three years! And it always boils down to one problem…SALES. There is an old

April 9, 2013

Poster Printing: Different Ways for Different Applications


It used to be if you wanted a poster, you had the choice between paper and banner material, but today’s technology has produced equipment that will print on many different surfaces to give you options based on how you are